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G.B. Pant National Institute
Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Development
formerly known as G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development

Prof. P.S. Ramakrishnan

[01/08/1988 to 31/10/1989]

Prof. A.N. Purohit

[07/08/1990 to 07/08/1995]


Dr. L.M.S. Palni

[08/08/1995 to 09/12/2001]

[01/05/2008 to 31/05/2013]


Dr. Mohinder Pal

[Director Incharge; 10/12/2001 to 30/05/2003]

Dr. Uppendra Dhar

[01/06/2003 to 30/04/2008]

Dr. P.P. Dhyani

[01/06/2013 to 28/09/2017]

Er. Kireet Kumar
Director incharge

[29/09/2017 to Till Date]


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